Looking for real Japanese restaurants in Paris


Since the 1990s, there has been an explosion of Japanese restaurants in Paris. Ayu Ikeda, a journalist with the Japanese channel NHK, accompanied journalist Ben Barnier to find a real Japanese restaurant in the capital. And this includes being held by a Japanese, and serving traditional dishes from Japan.

Upon entering the first "Japanese" restaurant, the journalist speaks in her mother tongue, but it makes her understand that we do not speak Japanese in this place. It turns out to be difficult to find an interlocutor in this language. It will be necessary to go in the district of the Opera to find a Japanese speaking waitress, and especially of the Japanese food. For the pleasure of Ayu Ikeda.

The experience was obviously only made in some of the 500 Japanese restaurants in Paris, small neighborhood stores. There are also more upscale establishments, with great Japanese chefs. But that require a completely different budget.

Find Ben Barnier's videos on his YouTube channel.


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