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López Obrador between shouts: “The authority must be respected” | International

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López ObradorHe was outraged and reproached his countrymen for the whistles and whistles they dedicated during a public event in his homeland.

The act, intended to show the changes known as the fourth transformation, ended with an exchange of reproaches that at the moment made his words inaudible. The president even threatened to leave the platform when the boos rose.

During the 24 minutes of his speech, López Obrador heard negative responses, regarding whether all the programs of his Government really reach the people

Do you know how many scholarships we are giving ?, asked the president.

They’re missing! They yelled at him.

Of course it is missing, but do you know how many we have delivered? Eleven million scholarships throughout the country. Let’s see, don’t I ask that not everyone who studies high school has their scholarships? Said López Obrador.


“How not?” The lie is of the demon, reactionary and conservative! He reproached some thousand attendees.

Along with the reproaches received, the municipal president of San Carlos was one of the most whistled. “Look, there it is, there are the screams. What do we gain from that? Are they going to keep yelling at the municipal president? ”López Obrador asked the people.

Then the shout of “yes!” Was heard.

Given this, López Obrador said: “Well, I don’t agree. I will not speak, you know that I am stubborn, until you listen. I was very happy to be here with you. I will no longer be able to keep talking, because that way you can’t. I don’t want politics, I don’t want grid. Will they listen to me? The authority must be respected, he added visibly upset.

The president felt that he was “collecting the bills of Villalpando”, current municipal president of San Carlos and member of Morena, the party founded by him.

Here I came ten years ago, here I was born and I know San Carlos and they were applauding a candidate for municipal president and they ignored me and they already know how that municipal president turned out, ”he reminded his people in reference to acts of corruption of the past..

Before saying goodbye, he announced the two promises with which he arrived in the town of Tabasco: drinking water and a hospital with specialists and medicines. At the same time, he added that the General Director of the Federal Electricity Commission, Manuel Bartlett, to announce a decrease in the price of light and the arrival of new fairer rates.


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