López Obrador creates the Institute to Return the Stolen People

Corruption is the theme championed by the campaign of today's president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). And the fight against it the pillar of the speech of his inauguration on December 1. "The problem of Mexico is not lack of budget, but corruption" repeats like a mantra.

Now AMLO sees in this problem a part of the solution for some of the initiatives of his government, such as the National Strategy Against Addictions, a campaign aimed at young people to avoid drug consumption, which was presented this week at the wheel of daily press offered by the Mexican president from the National Palace. A program for which, he assures, there is no limit of resources.

This is due, in part, to the new creation of the baptized as an Institute to Return the People Stolen (Indepuro), as was charged with unveiling the president on Thursday. "The government confiscates ill-gotten goods from corruption, from corrupt politicians, we are talking about luxury vehicles, residences, ranches, planes, jewelry, cash, dollars," he said.

In a first estimate, AMLO calculates that a year could be obtained around 1,500 million pesos (about 70 million euros), through the auction of these goods. Quantity that, as he admitted, is not yet clear how it will be redistributed among the Mexican people. «We are defining it. In some cases it will be direct to the parent societies of the schools for their maintenance, for the construction of sports units, for ambulances, for roads … Everything that can be done with this support, "he stressed.

The first delivery of that money will be destined "for the attention to the young people and it is going away to have already the next week", announced AMLO, that since it arrived at the power has already auctioned part of the fleet of official vehicles and has sold the airplane presidential to raise funds.

Luxury cars and residences
The first batch of goods includes "extravagant luxury vehicles", in addition to two SUVs to the presidency of the King of Jordan, "which was not known to exist and which appeared", which could be put up for sale or delivered to the Guard National. It is expected to be auctioned next May 26 in Los Pinos, former presidential residence. From its sale are expected to get about 30 million pesos (1.5 million euros)

Lopez Obrador also noted that the government is "recovering residences that were guarded by party politicians", and to give some clue to journalists, without providing much information, he referred to the area of ​​Las Lomas, one of the most exclusive of the Mexican capital. The collection of these properties will be "for the poorest communities in Mexico." (tagsToTranslate) lopez (t) worker (t) return (t) stolen (t) corruption

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