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López Obrador: Medical attention, medicines and studies will be free

MEXICO CITY.- With the agreement signed with private hospitals, which will receive beneficiaries and uninsured population for one month without Covid-19, medical care, medicines and studies will be free, affirmed the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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“This, although it was already expressed, I wanted to repeat it so that no misinterpretations. It is the right to health that enshrines the fourth article of the Constitution to all the people, “he added.

“Not only the beneficiaries, the entire population, the rich and the poor, the right to health is universal

Claims there are austerity savings

“Although minimum fees were discussed and it is not a for-profit agreement, we are going to report how much this care agreement with the hospital sector will cost.”

During their morning conference, López Obrador noted that by the austerity plan and not allow corruption in his government there are savings and sound public finances.

“We have in the box only to attend this emergency 40 billion pesos“he stressed.

“You don’t need to talk about money, but so we can rest easy, we will not lack resources and we will not lack equipment “.

Agreements with other countries

The president stated that despite the fact that there is a shortage of medical equipment in the world, “due to our good relations with other governments we are receiving support

“Today we are going to have the response of President (Donald) Trump to the request we made to obtain fans and monitors

“I also talked to him president of chinaWe are dealing with this same subject and on Wednesday there is a teleconference between the foreign ministers of China and Mexico to continue supporting us with the acquisition and shipment of medical equipment. “

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