Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Lord Saatchi introduces EU accession bill to break Brexit stalemate

The conservative peer Lord Saatchi is to propose a bill that he believes can help break the Brexit "deadlock" by allowing the UK to stay in the EU.

According to her "Remain Plus" proposals, Theresa May would be forced to negotiate new membership terms for the UK, which, in her view, would make it acceptable to leave voters.

Lord Saatchi tables the draft law on EU membership, to be presented to the House of Lords on Monday.

This would imply a change in the free movement rules allowing the UK to control immigration, as well as a reform of the EU institutions to give Britain equal weight to that from Germany.

He thinks to leave and remain voters will be conquered

Describing his plan to peers on Monday, Lord Saatchi should say that "nobody" is satisfied with the outcome of the negotiations on Brexit, but staying in the EU according to the existing conditions would be a "national humiliation".

British voters opposed the UK's membership because "we do not like to be controlled, especially by the Germans, (and) we do not like immigration without control, "he should say.

His plan would be difficult in Berlin by bringing the United Kingdom – and perhaps France – on par with Germany in terms of voting weight in the European Council, he proposes.

Lord Saatchi should say that "nobody" is happy about the outcome of negotiations on Brexit

Treaty changes that tie the right to vote to the size of the population have given Germany – with 80 million of the UK's 64 million inhabitants – effective control of the population. Europe, he added.

Freedom of movement "would remain a principle of the EU, but its implementation would allow Member States to absorb new migrants without harming the legitimate expectations of their own citizens".

Lord Saatchi's bill would give the prime minister two weeks to present the proposal in Europe

Lord Saatchi's bill would give the Prime Minister two weeks to present the proposals to the European Commission and indicate that the United Kingdom is ready to withdraw the letter under Article 50 notifying Brussels of its intention to leave l & # 39; EU.

"These are big reforms for European leaders," said Lord Saatchi.

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