Lorenzo claims not to have heard the word "ultimatum" from Honda


The Spanish driver Jorge Lorenzo, who is costing more than expected to adapt to his new mount, responded to rumors about a possible "ultimatum" of his team due to poor results and said he has never heard that word from the Japanese brand .

He acknowledged that it is true that he will need "more time" to improve his results, but he assured that "at no time" has he heard "that word, ultimatum, or something similar".

"You can always hear this type of rumors when the situation or the results are not positive, but personally I have never been given an ultimatum nor have I been told about this issue and the two parties know that the pilot-moto connection will be more complicated to get results because it is not being a natural connection, "explained Lorenzo in reference to an information in the newspaper AS in which reference is made to that possible" warning "of the people in charge of the Japanese team.

Even so, he pointed out that there is no pressure: "When I got on the bike and I pressed the racing button, I gave up just as without pressure or being calm and I do not think it depends, at this point, on what goes to go on the track ».

On the other hand, Marc Márquez, current MotoGP world champion has pointed out the possibility that the Japanese manufacturer ended down Jorge Lorenzo of the bike at the end of the season that does not believe it is "a real possibility."

"I think Honda would not do that, Jorge would not throw in the towel and apart from being in the fourth race and a whole season ahead, we know what Jorge is like, he is a very fast driver but he needs his adaptation time and this one it's a winning bike, "said Márquez.

He wanted to support his teammate by referring to the trajectory that supports him: "Jorge's talent, what he has achieved and what he is capable of doing on a motorcycle, no one doubts it, because he has already shown it, but yes it is true that when you get to a winning project and a factory like Honda, that the bike is in front, that means that you have to adapt as quickly as possible and give the level that implies being in HRC, but it is clear that by sure effort that it is not and little by little it is going to arrive », remarked Márquez.


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