Lorenzo Silva gives away his latest novel

Under the pseudonym Patricia Kal was hidden Lorenzo Silva, a writer who has had the gesture of giving away his new novel. It is titled ‘And you will leave here’, edited by Zenda and It is free to download from the ‘XL Weekly’ pages. The writer used the pseudonym as “an experiment” and “a necessity.” He wanted “to strip history of slab of authorship, the source of all kinds of prejudices, positive and negative”. Very few were in the secret of Patricia Kal, explains Silva in an article in the weekly with the keys on the release of a manuscript that had been “circulating on the editorial tables for months.” In the worst of the pandemic, the writer would have liked to help as a pulmonologist or intensivist but “all I know is to write stories”, he says happy for having “something to give to my fellow citizens”. He asks readers, when they can, “to buy a book from those that have appeared these days and will see their readership reduced.” “One of those published by the small publishers that this crisis is going to hit or one that bears the signature of a beginning writer.” And to do it “in one of those bookstores that are now closed and that deserve to survive.”

· Available at: https://www.xlsemanal.com/conocer/cultura/20200331/gratis-novela-lorenzo-silva-te-iras-de-aqui-pdf-mobi-descarga.html.

Recommended books

Love in the Revolution

César Coca. The story of how ‘Doctor Zhivago’ came to an Italian publisher in 1957 that spread it around the world (it was not published in the USSR until 1988) is itself another novel. But it is not possible to say that more exciting than the real one, because that of Yuri Zhivago, doctor and poet, has it all. There is love, revolution, betrayals, sacrificed ideals, complex characters, professionals in the struggle for power and careerists with all hair. And infinite landscapes and feelings that go beyond death. The book was a definitive push for a Nobel that Pasternak could not go to collect due to the threats received.

Black novel
The Korean nightmare

Elena Sierra. There is the South Korea of ​​mobiles, that of the highest technology, and, my goodness, there is the South Korea of ​​the writer Un-Su Kim. Considered the Henning Mankell of his country, this author shows a parallel world, but it is not science fiction. There are professional killers here who work on behalf of planners, people in turn hired by the government, politicians, large fortunes and even normal people to get rid of annoying people. A whole network – that of the meat market – in which survival is not common, where the murderer knows that his days are numbered.

The most risky of David Rubín

Borja Crespo. In its day it was the most risky comic in the meteoric career of the prolific David Rubín, which is being overcome over the years, work by work, publishing internationally (‘Black Hammer’, ‘Battling Boy’). The applauded Galician author, in collaboration with his publishing house, the Bilbao house Astiberri, have decided to offer the reader, for free during these days, the first volume of the two-volume series ‘The hero’, a song to those paper characters that captivated the author of ‘El Circo del Desaliento’ and ‘La tetería del Oso Malayo’ during his childhood and adolescence. It consists of two mammoth volumes, the first of which can be enjoyed at home in digital format. In its pages, the person in charge of ‘Beowulf’, with a script by Santiago García, and ‘Gran Hotel Abismo’, with text by Marcos Prior, proposes a very personal reading of the myth of Heracles. He reinterprets the starting material with self-confidence and wit, taking it into the waters of today’s popular culture, crafting an epic and superheroic story that fuses genres with fluidity, offering perfectly orchestrated drama and adventure, with a surprising narrative structure, free and kaleidoscopic. Its normal price is 25 euros, so being able to access the book without checking out is a luxury. Of course, the curiosity to continue with the second and last installment of the odyssey is probably unstoppable.

Manage fears

Itsaso Álvarez. Fears are part of life and you have to learn to manage them. ‘The monster that ate the darkness’ is a very sensitive tale by Joyce Dunbar, illustrated by Jimmy Liao, which talks about the fear of the dark, of being alone, of that inner emptiness that we feel when we have not yet found ourselves , and what happens when we try to alter the natural order of things. The story begins by explaining that the fear of a child, Lorenzo, is understandable, since there is a monster under his bed. But it is already known that appearances do not always lead to correct conclusions and it is clear that the monster will not harm anyone.


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