Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

Los Angeles shooting: a dead after hostage drama in a supermarket | News from the world

A woman was shot dead when an armed man met a Los Angeles supermarket where he held dozens of people hostage for three hours Saturday before handcuffing himself and surrendering himself to the police.

About two hours before taking hostages, police say that the man fired seven times at his grandmother and wounded another woman that he forced into a car. The police pursued the vehicle and exchanged fire with the man, who crashed into a post outside Trader Joe's in the suburb of Silver Lake and ran into the store

glass doors. A few inside the supermarket climbed the windows as police, firefighters and 18 ambulances converged on the scene.

Heavily armed officers in riot gear stood on the side of the store and used mirrors for the man released his 40 to 50 hostages and surrendered.

About three hours later, at 6:30 pm, the man agreed to handcuff himself and went out through the door surrounded by four of the hostages. The unidentified man, who, according to the police, was around 28 years old, was immediately detained. Police said he had an arm injury

Mayor Eric Garcetti congratulated police and firefighters for their work and cried the loss of life at Trader Joe where he and his wife were regularly shopping when they lived in the neighborhood. "The heroism that was shown today was unparalleled and the teams that were able to respond, secure the perimeter and engage in conversation with the suspect have no doubt saved lives today," he said. he says, adding "our hearts go out to everyone who has taken hostage began around 1:30 pm when the suspect shot his grandmother and another woman in the south of Los Angeles and then forced the Other woman to get into her grandmother's car The grandmother was in critical condition

The agents followed the car and tried to stop her in Hollywood, but the # The man refused to stop, Moore said During the chase, he fired on police officers and fired on the rear window of his car before crashing.

outside the store, the man again exchanged shots with the police.It is not known if she died following a shooting of the police or if she was killed by a gunman.

Firefighters said six other people aged 12 to 81 had been transported to the hospital. None had been shot and all were in good condition.

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