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Lose 55 kilos in a short time with the carnivorous diet: the menu, as it was done – Velvet Style

Other than veganism, a completely carnivorous diet comes from the United States: the effects on the body are incredible.

It is among the many nutritional programs that have come back into vogue after being forgotten. There carnivore dietwhich is also called paleo diet o Zero Carb Diet, is one of the most popular in recent years. The proposal was revived by an American orthopedist in 2017 but to date the results are still. without a scientific basis.

No amount is indicated and you don’t need a scale to track it: that’s it do not bring products of non-animal origin to the table. Many people have tried it and border effect on the miracle. This type of diet, in fact, would allow you to lose several kilos in a very short time, in addition to going through improve the overall health of our body.

One of the most loyal supporters is Amanda Lipstate whose story ended up in many magazines mainly because he manages them take control of your life after you hit rock bottom Several times. He was pressed almost 200 kilos and he came to lose a considerable part of it. In an interview he told his story – and opened a YouTube channel to talk about it – in the hope of helping people like him. find themselves in the same situation as you.

Carnivore diet to lose weight quickly, how it works

It was the most striking case, which made it the honor of the news. The woman last year poured in very poor conditions: the needle in the scale marked 163 kilos. Not only a physical discomfort that brought him almost to immobility, but also a psychological distress has occurred: “I always had swollen feet when I started suffering from anxiety and depression. I remember waking up in the morning telling my husband that I never want to open my eyes again. I did not leave the house for months to work at home and now I didn’t even value myself as a person anymore“.

After reaching the point of no return, Amande decided to give one decisive turning point in one’s lifecount on there Revived diet by nutritionist Shawn Baker – traces of it can already be found in some writings at the end of the nineteenth century. What does it consist of? It is called the carnivore diet or paleo diet That based only on products of animal origin. Yes, because food that does not fall into this category is prohibited. THERE alleged benefits In addition to the important weight loss, it would also be the maintenance of muscle mass, the control of diabetes, arthritis and mental illness.

What is the carnivore diet and how it works – velvetstyle.it

It is a program that can followed only for a short period of time, in order to run into unpleasant counters. hishigh specificity of the diet in fact it could turn back on the patient, except all products related to agriculture. An ancestral diet, also known as the Zero Carb Diet (zero carbohydrate diet). would allow to keep hunger at baymake them more satiated and less greedy.

In the initial period, an almost automatic loss of fluid will occur, caused by the abandonment of carbohydrates. The values ​​of triglycerides, cholesterol and blood sugar will be in the settings more thanks to the weight loss than the diet itself. Experts nonetheless warn that in the long run exclude large groups of legumes, vegetables, cereals and fruits can cause serious problems – and related fiber, mineral salts and vitamin deficiency.

The case of Amanda: “A new life thanks to the carnivore diet”

As he said in an interview with NewsweekAmanda he decided to follow in his brother’s footsteps which he was recently interested in caveman diet – the cavemen diet. His results encouraged him, since he lost 13 kilos in a short time. So he hoped that he can settle their fortunes as he did.

Today Amanda is a completely different person – velvetstyle.it (Photo source Instagram @carnivorousme1)

i the results were surprising and more than a few skeptics after hearing his story decided to change their minds. “I rediscovered the joy of living, I don’t feel miserable like before. I manage lost 55 kilos in just one year and I no longer need a walker to move and walk”, he admitted going into detail about what convinced him of Baker’s idea. “The paleo diet allows you eat food that tastes positiveThen by consuming the right fatty cuts of meat I can make my hunger go away. SI also save a lot of money“, he concluded.

Finally all his existence passed in a very effective simplification process: “Now even cooking has become less complicated than before. Cleaning is done in a moment and the waste we produce is reduced by half”. On the social networks today he has many followers, there he shares his daily efforts not to fall into temptation and now he has become a model to follow for many people.

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