Loss of smell is associated with a mild form of coronavirus COVID-19

Loss of smell is one of the symptoms of coronavirus and indicates a mild course of the disease.

According to ToDay News Ufa, scientists from UC San Diego Health came to this conclusion. In this case, the infected person will experience milder symptoms, excluding other main risk factors, experts say.

To identify the relationship between the symptom and the further development of the disease, from March 3 to April 8, 2020, a study was conducted involving 169 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. There was no sense of smell in 128 of 169 patients, 26 of whom needed hospitalization. Those who were hospitalized were much less likely to report a loss of smells and tastes.

The data obtained with a high degree of probability indicate the localization and dosage of the virus along with the effectiveness of the host’s immune response, experts comment. So, if the virus initially concentrates in the nose and upper respiratory tract, where it affects the olfactory function, this can lead to less severe and sudden lesions.

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