Loujain Al-Hathloul, the feminist on hunger strike that embarrasses the Saudi power

From the right of women to lead to the abolition of male guardianship, Loujain Al-Hathloul has become one of the pillars of feminism in Saudi Arabia. As the country prepares to chair the next G20 summit, voices are rising to demand the release of the 31-year-old young woman, imprisoned since May 2018 and who went on a hunger strike on October 28.

“It’s me and my sister in December 2017. By the time the‘Saudi Arabia will host the G20 summit, she will spend her 920th day in prison. Will anyone ask about her? She has been on a hunger strike for 16 days. We haven’t heard from since, ”wrote Lina Al-Hathloul on Twitter on November 11. Detained since May 2018 in a prison located 25 km from Riyadh, her sister Loujain began a new hunger strike since October 28 in order to be able to have regular contact with her family. In August, the activist had already stopped eating for almost a week after being deprived of contact with his family for several months, we can read on the Human Rights Watch website.


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