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Love Island: Hayley Hughes slams co-stars to make love to the screen

Love Island this year has been different for a number of reasons, but one main point is the lack of sex on the screen.

In past series, the antics of the room have been a focal point, with most couples having sex at least once.

But this year, the sex was much more discreet, although we spoke about the company Do Bits.

According to viewers, only a handful of couples – Megan Barton Hanson and Eyal Booker, Wes Nelson and Laura Anderson and Megan and Wes followed the same path, although many others "made snatches".

Speaking exclusively of Daily Star Online about the lack of sex, Hayley, 21, said, "I just think people may not have as much action.

  Love Island 2018 itv

ACTION: There was not so much sex in the villa Love Island this year

  Hayley Hughes ph [1 9659015] HOT: Hayley Hughes has teamed up with Taco Bell UK for their Quesarito Summer BBQ

"If you do not have any Solid link with someone, why rush on? "

Hayley Hughes

"At the end of the day, you are in this show for eight weeks, and if you do not really have a strong connection with someone, why do you rush to it? you?

"If you have a strong bond with someone, why not wait for eight weeks?

"Because you already have a lot of yourself, so your sex life can wait for the outside world, do it privately together. 19659002] She continued, "I'm sure if you know you'll last and be strong, then you can wait for eight weeks if it's not a problem for you and you're sincerely someone." "

  Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham itv

WAITING: Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham did nothing more than kissing and cuddling

Dani Dyer and Dani Dyer, a couple who waited – as far as viewers know – Jack Fincham

They have been together since the first day and have captured the hearts of the nation with their lovely love story.

All this that they did – or at least everything that was broadcast – it's to embrace

But it seems that there are a lot of things that viewers do not know not, as ex-Islander Frankie Foster revealed that he and Samira Mighty spent a night in the Hideaway that was never shown.

  Megan Barton Hanson Eyal Booker [19659] 020] itv </span data-recalc-dims=

HIDEAWAY: Megan Barton Hanson and Eyal Booker were the first to have sex

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