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Love, religion, parentage, horses: two novels and a story

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The Blue Kippah, The Sleeper of Ephesus and a monk who whispers and prays in the ears of his horses at the contents of this summer program.

(Replay of July 21, 2019)

The blue kippah (Eyrolles), the first novel by David Allouche tells with humor and tenderness the crisis of faith of Sasha who wants to announce for Kippur to his father that he no longer believes in God and that he no longer wants to live in the closed universe of Jewish orthodoxy.

From Tréguier in 1903 to the battle of Bir Hakeim in 1942, The Sleeper of Ephesus (Tallandier) by Xavier Accart, magazine editor Pray, crosses the great History and that of a father and his son whom fate has separated. Between quest for redemption, revolt, love passion, and call to God, a melancholic journey from Brittany to the East which also tells of French Catholicism of the first half of the 20th century.

With Untie them and bring them to me (Fayard), father Alexandre Siniakov reveals his passion for horses. In the seminary of which he is the young rector in the Paris region, two donkeys and several horses are his companions for walking and prayer. With his equines, the young Orthodox monk, who came from a Caucasian sovkhoz, reconnects with the Cossack past of his ancestors and realizes his dreams of youth.


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