Love Supreme opens the festival with delicacy


The duo inaugurated Friday, August 23, a new area of ​​the event in the Paris region, the scene of the 4 winds and the village of the same name.

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Time to Play 6 min.

The Love Supreme duo.
The Love Supreme duo. ROCK IN THE SEINE

Traditionally, the opening concert of the Rock en Seine festival, founded in 2003, takes place on the big stage. This allows spectators and spectators to head straight to the space furthest from the public reception on the site of the lower part of the national domain of Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine). For this edition, the 17e, organized from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 August, the start of the first festival day is spent on a new layout, the scene of the 4 winds. It is next to the village of the same name, which hosts a record store, luthiers, flea markets, a meeting space … All installed near the entrance to the site, with a view to the large waterfall.

It is the duo Love Supreme it is to inaugurate the place. For jazz lovers, this instantly evokes the title of the best known album of saxophonist John Coltrane (1926-1967), mystical suite in four movements, lyrical, both carried away and giving off an intense serenity.

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Jazz, soul caressante, the one that finds its sources in the gospel, an anchor in the part of spirituality of the African-American music, Joseph Morice and Kenzo Roz slip elements (samples of instruments, harmonic grids …) in the compositions of their first album, published in April by the phonographic company Animal 63.

A discreet electro

At his listening, it is rather the climate of a discreet electro that seems to be the artistic approach of the duo. The concert, he, away from it. The relation to rhythmic pulsation remains the one, ternary, of jazz. On the keyboard, Kenzo Roz sticks to soft electric piano sounds, and a church organ. Joseph Morice, singer with a deep, deep voice, accompanies himself on the acoustic guitar. Soul and folk meet, on the slow tempo of the ballad.

This twilight, chiaroscuro music, in this intimate treatment, contrasts with the solar luminosity of the middle of the afternoon. The setting of the scene of the 4 winds, place of passage to the tree-lined avenues and the long lawns of the heart of the festival site, is perhaps not the ideal place for this music of atmospheres and delicacy. But the choice to program this appeasement rather than going to a more nervously rocky evidence gives a particular color, a welcome touch of sophistication, at the beginning of the day at Rock en Seine.

Rock en Seine Festival, at the National Domain of Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine). Until Sunday, August 25th. From 49 € to 99 € according to the formulas day; 2 days package of your choice, from 115 € to 149 €.


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