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Low battery: Audi has to interrupt E-Tron production

The Audi E-Tron is the first vehicle from the Ingolstadt manufacturer to be specially designed as an electric car, but ramping up production is causing problems. The company is after one Handelsblatt report (Payment barrier) too few batteries available. Audi obtains these from Korean supplier LG Chem.

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The assembly of the electric car had to be stopped until Wednesday. The vehicle is manufactured in a plant in Brussels. Audi built in 2019 according to media reports around 25,000 units; by 2020 there will be 80,000 units. However, since LG can currently only promise 40,000 traction batteries, this plan is likely to be difficult to implement unless Audi opens another battery manufacturer. The hope is for Samsung, which will increase battery manufacturing capacity in Hungary.

As early as January 2020, Audi acknowledged production problems when building its electric cars negotiated about short-time work, The reason given was a supplier’s difficulties in supplying the parts required to install the batteries in the electric SUVs. This time it is the batteries themselves that are missing. Incidentally, Audi is said to have had such problems as early as 2019. Last April reported the Belgian newspaper L’Echothat the manufacturer has significant problems in production because batteries are not available in the required quantity. As early as 2019, the actual plan to build 55,830 E-Tron should have been reduced to 45,242 units. In the end, there were probably only 25,000 pieces.

Audi had the electric SUV E-Tron presented in September 2018, In November 2019 followed the sportback based on the same platform. In addition, Audi now offers an eligible E-Tron with a shorter range,

The normal battery has a capacity of 95 kWh and can be charged with a maximum charging power of 150 kW. The battery should be 80 percent charged in 30 minutes. The E-Tron with a 95 kWh battery costs from around 80,000 euros and can reach 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds.

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