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Lucas Torreira thermal map: 5 things we noticed about the Arsenal star against Tottenham

He comes from Uruguay and is only five feet tall but Lucas Torreira is quickly becoming one of the favorite players of Arsenal fans.

There's just something about the midfielder, whose natural tenacity has led him to play in the Premier League, and his "bite" – something that, no doubt, the Gunners have not had since the time of Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit – that meant he was destined to play for Arsenal.

That's because he's wearing the t-shirt with pride and always gives 100% that Arsenal fans have brought him.

And his opponent in the North London Derby, as well as his first goal against the Spurs, has only boosted his stock among the Gunners fans.

Like the Arsenal fans, we were very impressed by Torreira's performance Sunday afternoon and decided to take a look at her graphics card to see what she was revealing about of his game

here is five things we noticed.

Thermal map of Lucas Torreira against the Spurs going from left to right

1. He works very hard all over the field

We begin with the obvious point.

Before the match, anyone who has ever seen Uruguay on a football field knows that he gives everything for the cause regularly.

As it was a derby against the Spurs and it was his first win in Red Arsenal, the midfielder was always going to be the one who would make opposition on Sunday.

The Uruguayan international scored his first goal for Arsenal

Its thermal map makes it an interesting read, as it clearly shows how central Arsenal was in his presence and how much he dominated the match.

2. He holds his position and is disciplined

Tenacity is held in high esteem in the English game.

Crowds love the "burrow types" that chase each ball and leave the field breathless after leaving everything on it.

But running to run, especially in the Premier League, is not advisable. Each year, the teams become more fit and football in strength seems to become more intense.

It is therefore interesting to see that the thermal map of Torreira highlights its intelligence.

The 22-year-old is defeated in the middle of the park

As said above, this proves that he is very hardworking, but it also shows that he is not working hard for the sake of doing it.

For long periods, the midfielder kept his job right, showing discipline and proving to his boss, Unai Emery, that he can be trusted to do exactly what he is asked.

3. He advances if necessary

While the midfield heat map shows that he spent a lot of time in a holding role, there is a large section that shows how he bombed forward.

What is impressive is that it did when it was necessary – or when it was safe and / or appropriate to do it.

Torreira was looking to move forward when he was safe

Torreira and Granit Xhaka were both set up to do donkey work behind an offensive front composed initially of Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang and Alex Iwobi.

But when space cleared him, Torreira showed his confidence in moving forward and reducing the gap between midfield and attack.

4. He is ready to settle in unfamiliar places

Another big part of the color of the heat map shows interestingly that Torreira fills to the right.

It seems logical if Hector Bellerin likes to go ahead and the last three players would have remained compact in the middle of the defense.

The midfielder replied and defended his team

But this shows once again the tenacity of the midfielder who is ready to play in an unknown position, against Christian Eriksen for example, to allow his teammates greater freedom of creation.

He is really the man Arsenal – who has always had "luxury players" but not enough "hard workers" – claims for so long.

5. He was in the right place at the right time

With hindsight, there remains one last point of color that can not be ignored on the thermal map of Torreira against the Spurs.

Torreira scored the fourth important goal for the Gunners on Sunday

This is of course the small circle of blue – not quite green because it has not been in position long enough – on the right side of the Tottenham penalty area.

It is from this area, of course, that the fourth goal of the Gunners game put the icing on the cake.

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