Lucie Šafářová: The wedding is still suspended, divorce was expensive – Ž

Before Christmas, their daughter Leonty’s was a year old and they were engaged. “We almost burned down,” Safarova revealed in a television show. It was immediately corrected that the request was romantic. “He was a heart-shaped lantern of fortune. But he didn’t go where he had,” said the former fifth tennis player in the world, who is watched over 200,000 people on Instagram.

According to them, the wedding is planned, but there is no place to hurry. They do not have a date yet, they justify this by saying that they do not want large weddings due to coronavirus.

This will be Lucia Šafářová’s first marriage, Tomáš Plekanec was married for the first time to the singer Lucie Vondráčková. Details on the course of the breakup often appeared on the front pages of tabloids and magazines.

“So I’m stupid that he had an expensive divorce, so he doesn’t want to invest that much in the second wedding,” Šafářová laughed on Dědek’s show. “But it was a good experience,” Plekanec added. He has two sons from a previous marriage – nine-year-old Matyáš and five-year-old Adam.

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