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Luckily the referee stops the duel, if not …


Sadistic KO victory Edgar berlanga in round 1 against Lanell Bellows it could be more fatal if the referee reacted too late to stop the fight. Berlanga was grateful that the referee immediately stopped the duel when Bellows suffered a knockout battle in the Super Middle Class at the MGM Grand Conference Center, Las Vegas, United States, last Saturday night.

Edgar Berlanga extended the record win KO Round 1 be 15 unbeaten KOs in 15 fights. During the duel, Berlanga fought like a hungry lion that immediately pounced on Bellows by throwing a continuous punch. Strike strikes boxer king KO it left Bellows with a wound above his left eye.

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Berlanga increasingly aggressively beat Bellows who was powerless to withstand the onslaught of his opponent’s blows. In a corner, the referee reacted by stopping the fight. The Puerto Rican boxer believed that he would do serious damage if the referee allowed the duel to continue further. “That’s a good decision. The first prick I threw, I split his eyes. And I already knew he wouldn’t be there [lama]. So, I have to get it out. Her eyes, everything, she looks nervous, she looks scared, “said Berlanga.
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“And my first hit landed, I shook him. The referee made a good decision. You know, his eyes are all over the place. I’m going to hurt him. I’ll send him to the hospital.”


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