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Lufthansa negotiates purchase of TAP with Neeleman – aviacao

Lufthansa is negotiating with David Neeleman to buy the position he holds in TAP through Atlantic Gateway. The German air carrier is in this acquisition process in partnership with the United States United Airlines. Both companies are part of the Star Alliance, the airline alliance where the national airline is also integrated.

Negotiations between the parties, according to Negócios knows, are well underway and could also serve to put an end to the evident malaise that exists between the Government and David Neeleman, especially after the controversial decision to award performance prizes to the heads last year .

On the table are two chances, that of Lufthansa and United to buy the 50% position that David Neeleman controls in Atlantic Gateway, which in turn holds 45% of TAP, or to acquire the entire position in it, which would for also negotiating the acquisition of the 50% interest held by Humberto Pedrosa.

This rapprochement between Lufthansa, United and David Neeleman was partially revealed this Sunday by Luís Marques in his weekly comment on SIC that Negócios also publishes. “The negotiations between Neeleman and a major European airline for the sale of its position in TAP are very advanced. It is certain that they are not yet closed, but they are very advanced ”, affirmed Marques Mendes

Last week TAP released the accounts for 2019, the year in which it recorded a loss of 105.5 million euros. Pedro Nuno Santos, the minister who oversees this airline, was displeased with the results, considering that the company should already be making a profit.

German airline will partner with United States to acquire Neeleman’s position.


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