Lufthansa permanently discontinues one of the shortest routes in the network

The flight between the two Bavarian cities had already been temporarily suspended due to the corona crisis, but will not return to the route network, according to Instead, Lufthansa is using an Express-Bus between Nuremberg and Munich.

With the route, Lufthansa was mainly targeting travelers from Nuremberg who were transferring to a connecting flight in Munich. Travelers can now take the bus from Nuremberg or fly to their final destination via Frankfurt, Zurich or Vienna.

The distance between the airports of Munich and Nuremberg is 138 kilometers as the crow flies. That is only a fraction shorter than the 157-kilometer route between Frankfurt and Stuttgart, on which Lufthansa is still active. Frankfurt-Luxembourg is a bit longer with 176 kilometers.

In comparison: the shortest route in the KLM network, Amsterdam-Brussels, is 158 kilometers as the crow flies; the second shortest, Amsterdam-Dusseldorf, is 179 kilometers.


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