Luis Antonio de Villena: "Internet poetry is a shame"


Anbal Touraine he has a vague orgien in the book The rare of Manuel Mujica Lainez, has a French origin and moves between aristocracy circles and not so much. Anbal Touraine is the character of the last novel of Luis Antonio de Villena (Madrid, 1951), The exile of the king (Cabaret Voltaire), who through his pages wanders, already in the twilight of his life, for the Argentina of the 50's, light of baggage and as if he were getting carried away.

Through the book, characters like Witold Gombrowicz, the Polish writer who embarked for South America and when he arrived at port he could not return because Germany had invaded his country. Or suicides Leopolodo Lugones Y Horacio Quiroga.

Anbal Touraine moves between fiction and reality, there is always the question of whether he existed or is an alter ego. Renaissance public Meat coral, a book of poems with a study and another Juan Bonilla, says Villena, who feels somewhat helpless four years after the death of his mother. He moved very well for life but I overprotected myself. And I came to ask for forgiveness. My father and they did not understand, they were opposites. I lived very well for 30 years, but I know that nobody values ​​what you are worth until you are 90 years old unless you are a flatterer, a being submissive to power. And I've never been, never was a lick … A man reaches maturity when he manages to forgive his parents, "he says slowly sipping a vermouth at the hour of the aperitif at the end of a bar in the Madrid neighborhood of Chamber.

Villena sold the family home and lives in another, smaller, for which he got rid of part of his immense library, among others of a first edition of blue (1888), of Rubn Daro, which bought for a million pesetas.

Today Villena wears a plaid visor, a purple scarf, a dark suit but with a white shirt instead of a shirt, several rings and half a dozen bracelets. He says that in Mexico he has just published a study about his friend the poet Jos Emilio Pacheco, in the same publishing house that came out Ocnos of Luis Cernuda. Cernuda is one of his santones. He died younger than me, at 61. Oscar Wilde at 46 and Byron at 36. I'm 67 … It's funny, Cernuda, who lived next door, in a house on Viriato Street, was always in rooms and with about a hundred books; Of course he drove many, but he only traveled with those. Less is still Anbal Touraine, who travels modestly to Paran up with a handsome young man who seems to follow a principle written in the book, Who does not expect anything should not have anything

And return to Cernuda. "I had a crossed character." When Vicente Aleixandre sent him the first edition of his complete poem, which Aguilar edited in 1960, Cernuda replied that he had no money to withdraw it from the Post Office, that the book be returned but that he did not send it back to him. , that nobody sent him anything, Vicente took it very badly, of course. " Very much in the style of Cernuda, in the book this appears: "Whoever does not expect anything should not have anything".

In the novel appear sordid adjustments of accounts between trafficker, erotic scenes, das lnguidos, memories and desires. Find boys and love books and letters, I never did anything else and I could never do anything else. Being crazy or sublime, but I do not regret it, it is read in the book and Villena subscribes it. You want something good and beautiful as a complement, he says. In the book appears the phrase Est la vida sobre el hombre humano ?. I wrote it Lorca: 'Life is not good or noble or sacred' I feel like the last Roman. As Boethius in prison when I wrote the Consolation of the Philosophy. I am bothered by the current low level of education. I have come to explain what I knew in Preu to doctorate students. Like the Internet's poise, which embarrasses, that's not colloquialism, it's not the Karmelo C. Iribarren wave of Bukowski, which is simple but level, concludes angry and sad.

The details of the traffickers were counted by a boy in Villena. "He saw his father die when he was 16. He had started in sex and drugs at 13 and told me his father's friends threw in his grave bags of coca and bottles of rum, which was what I liked it

"I have not done anything, write, look for young beauty, art, literature, a beautiful body, like San Silvestre and Gombrovicz in the novel," says lacnico.

Now Villena goes with the third volume of his memoirs, La cada de Alejandra ', which covers the period between 1997 and 2018, "until the arrival of the barbarians". And a book of poems, of course.

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