Luis Enrique’s harsh criticism of politicians: “I see a regrettable attitude”


In a digital meeting, the technician praised society’s response to the coronavirus and asked for unity: “No one was prepared.” He assures that he has not voted in the last two elections

Luis Enrique, during training with the national team.

The national coach, Luis Enrique Martnez, does not usually cut himself off when it comes to discussing any topic. And, of course, neither has it when referring to the coronavirus pandemic. The Asturian praised the behavior of Spanish society and was critical of the political class, after revealing that he has not voted in the last two elections by not identifying with anyone, and said that he now sees “a regrettable attitude in the politicians”.

“We could all complain. I am not continuously on top of the news because they are nothing flattery and the complaint constantly surrounds you. On social networks everyone criticizes all God. I see a regrettable attitude from all the politicians, those who govern and those in opposition. They only think about their interests and not the general interest. It is unfortunate, “he said in a digital meeting.

Luis Enrique hopes that the moment Spain suffers “will serve to change many things” in society andI asked for unity: “Nobody in the world was prepared for this, despite the fact that there were close examples that predicted where we were going to go like Italy.”

“It does not mean that now you have to look for culprits, what you have to do now is row and look for solutions to try to make this pandemic the least harmful for the country and people. Now it is time to look for them and hopefully this will serve to change the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthose who govern us, because it does not matter who governs and who is the opposition because it is always the same. In the last two elections I did not vote. It is unfortunate because I do not identify with anyone. It is impossible to do so and they will not fulfill what they promise, “he added.

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“A horror movie”

In a chat withKiko Garca, technical director of the Tour of Spain, on the Instagram account of La Bicicleta Caf Castelln, Luis Enrique invited to “think positively” to overcome confinement and highlighted the ability of “human beings” for “adaptation”.

“The planet has changed for the better in two months and hopefully this will help the rulers to realize everything we are doing to the planet in pollution and attitudes that do not respect it,” he said.

“Unfortunately, we have to live a horror movie, but I have no doubt that the ability of human beings to adapt is undeniable and we will surely overcome it due to many economic problems we may have. The only important thing is health. I do not stop thinking in those who are suffering in hospitals, those who lose loved ones without saying goodbye and children admitted, “he stressed.

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