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Lukashenko: Poles are not stupid people. They understand everything perfectly

In a recent speech, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko spoke about the need to improve relations with Poland. He expressed a desire to engage in dialogue and instructed the Prime Minister to reach out to the Polish authorities. Lukashenko attributed the conflict between the two countries to the ongoing election campaign in Poland and suggested that the Americans are influencing the situation. nonetheless, despite these conciliatory words, Belarus continues to send illegal migrants to Poland, further straining their relationship. This article will explore Lukashenko’s remarks and the current state of affairs between Belarus and Poland.

On Friday, the media quoted an excerpt from the speech of the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. This time, the politician did not issue further threats or criticism, but referred to common Slavic roots.

Lukashenko: We need to talk to Poles

Lukashenko spoke at a short press briefing after the meeting with employees of the Minsk National Airport.

He spoke, among other things, about the European Union, and in one of the threads he referred to relations with Warsaw. As he announced after the Independence Day celebrations, he commissioned the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to formulate a “positive neighborly plan”.

– We need to talk to Poles. I have instructed the Prime Minister to contact them. If they want, let’s talk, let’s improve relations. We are neighbors, we don’t choose our neighbors, they are from God,” said Lukashenko.

Lukashenko: Americans bet on Poland

The politician sees one of the factors of the conflict between Belarus and Poland in the situation on the Polish political scene. As he tried to convince, the tense relations between Warsaw and Minsk are affected by the ongoing election campaign on the Vistula. He mentioned that he was aware that the authorities were trying to use the conflict narrative to convince voters.

Elections on October 15 and of course now they will escalate the situation to show that they have properly armed themselves and will arm the country. Therefore, it is unlikely that they will make any significant changes before October 15 that would benefit them and us. They demand and ask a lot from us, and we cannot agree to it, because it is against our interests,” Lukashenko said.

The President of Belarus expressed the opinion that the Polish authorities are being forced to exacerbate the situation by Washington. – The Americans bet on Poland, but Poles are not stupid people. These are our people, the Slavs. They understand everything perfectly. Let’s be patient and we’ll see. We are open to cooperation – added the Belarusian politician.

Sending illegal migrants

Lukashenko’s conciliatory words are not followed by deeds. Since in 2021 the Belarusian authorities started the action transfer to Poland illegal migrants, Poland is forced to engage more and more law enforcement forces and financial resources to secure the border against people brought from various African and Asian countries.

Contrary to the long-held narrative of left-wing circles, it turned out that we were not dealing with refugees from Afghanistan who left the country due to the re-establishment of the Taliban regime there after the withdrawal of the Americans.

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