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Lula questions Europe and the US for recognizing Guaidó as president

The former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva (2003-2011), he has defended the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro and assured that “Europe and the United States should not have recognized a faker who proclaimed himself president,” in relation to the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, of whom he has said that “should have been stopped”.

“It is not correct because if fashion holds on to the democracy goes to waste, and any unpresentable can proclaim himself president, “Lula explained during an interview with the Brazilian news portal Uol and has been published this week as he continues his tour of Europe.

Call the dialogue

“Who is taking the initiative to speak is Maduro, not Guaidó”, insisted Lula, for whom the opposition leader “even tried to force the Americans invaded Venezuela“.” He should be imprisoned and Maduro is so democratic that he did not stop him when he went to Colombia to try to instigate the invasion of Venezuela, “said the former Brazilian president.

Lula has explained that “in all countries that are not well”, a coup d’etat is not committed and has denounced that sanctions and the economic blockade against Venezuela “kill innocent.”

In turn, it has emphasized that dialogue is the only possible way out of the crisis, but one in which Nicolás Maduro be present, because “it makes no sense to establish an agreement if it is not around a negotiating table with people who think in favor and on the contrary.”

Immigration in Europe

During the interview, Lula has also addressed the current migration crisis in Europay he stressed that it is “a very difficult issue for the left and very easy for the right”, as it appeals, said, “to nationalist passions unlike the left, which tries to explain why it is necessary to let in” to refugees and migrants fleeing war and poverty from their places of origin.

“The right is direct. They will not enter because we want jobs for Italians, for the Swiss. They marginalize the unfortunate of the poor, which unlike capital does not have a passport. The capital is free to cross the Atlantic and airspaces without anyone asking for the documentation, “he added.

The former president of Brazil He was in Paris on Tuesday, where he was honored and was named citizen of honor of the French capital. In the next few days, Lula will continue her route through Europe visiting Germany and Switzerland.

Bad relationship with Guaido

It is not the first time that Lula da Silva and Juan Guaidó They have engaged in a cross of accusations. In November of last year, the opposition leader of Venezuela accused of being a thief to the former Brazilian president, after he celebrated the resistance, he said, that Maduro and the Venezuelan people were showing “not to surrender to the whims of the Government U.S”.

“They invented a candidate for president who does not want to dispute the presidency, one Guaidó. What a shame I felt when everything the world recognized a coup, the entire world defeated and led by Trump from the United States, “he said during an act of the Workers Party (PT) in November 2019.

Guaidó for his part responded to Lula accusing him of “thief” and saying that despite being free, he was not innocent. “You possibly will return to prison, while in Venezuela very soon there will be justice and freedom, “he said.


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