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Luminar Neo Update 2 – Fuzzy Review – Presale

Blur test in Luminar Neo, which is new in the pre-purchased Update 2 along with Studio Light.

He is already one Review of new Studio Light features for Luminar Neo photo editor appear here. With the update or upgrade to version 2.0 of the AI-based photo program including the RAW converter from Skylum, the blur tool shown in detail in this test is also available, which ensures dreamy photos. There Pre-sale offers and cheaper early bird discounts including our discount codes for Luminar Neo 2not only provides more affordable access to the Blur tool, but also to features such as intelligent studio lights for realistic flash lighting and generative extensions available for the preceding with Luminar Neo 2.

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The Blur tool in Luminar Neo comes in handy for this, with three modes

The “Blur” tool available in Luminar Neo 2.0 is, like all tools in Skylum’s photo editing program, very easy and intuitive to use and suitable for many purposes. Found in the Edit tab in the “Creative” category, the blur offers three modes: Gaussian, Motion and Twisted. The category is well chosen by Skylum, because the soft focus is particularly suitable for creative purposes. Photographers and image editors use blur for the background, for example, to simulate bokeh. nonetheless, with »Bokeh AI«, Luminar Neo has a special tool, at least for portraits, that is best suited for these purposes.

But other possible applications, such as selective deceleration of image areas with unsightly artifacts or image noise, etc., are also possible. But the tool should not be equated with the tool “Remove noise” in Luminar Neo, because noise is not removed, but in the best blur so that it is no longer visible. These comments about the “Blur” tool refer to Luminar Neo 2.0 on Microsoft Windows, although a beta version is used here. So it is possible that some terms are translated better in the final version or the appearance of the tool has changed a little.

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Fuzzy with Gaussian distribution

So the classic Gaussian blur can be used, which can be found in many image editing programs. With the Gaussian soft concentration, it is a smoothing created by reducing the contrast and a certain color adjustment, but not a conventional blur, since a normal Gaussian distribution is made, the exact explanation that would lead so far to this point and that background are detailed. knowledge to use soft focus and also is not required for other tools in Luminar Neo. Skylum also stays true to its principles for the Luminar Neo photo editor when it comes to soft focus and provides a tool that can be used without any specialist knowledge, but with professional results.

Blur Blurs an image or part of an image more or less. This works eg. B. very positive for portraits or nudes, which should have a dreamy or romantic look, but not only. Soft focus can also work really well with animal photos, and some photographers even use it at least partially for landscape and architecture photos, although according to popular belief everything should always be sharp. It is not uncommon for only certain areas of the image to be softened for editing or desired effects, which means that the photos can be enhanced in a targeted way and appear particularly interesting.

The image output has no effect in the figure above.

Like almost all tools, Luminar Neo also offers full blur masking options, so selective use is not a problem and is easily possible. The Gaussian blur works very simply. You simply move the amount slider from the normal state on the left to the desired blur on the right. It is nothing more.

The “Blur” tool has great potential in combination with layer modes, which can be found at the top of the layer properties in Luminar Neo. Of course, another level is necessary for the modes to work. In addition there may be another image or, what makes more sense, a copy of the photo that has not been blurred. For example, a portrait can still have the necessary sharpness despite softening without having to mask. In the example above, the top layer has been duplicated in the first »Overlay« layer mode.

You can then adjust the amount of Gaussian blur for the bottom layer as you like. With a value of 90, the following picture appears:

The effect can now also be more controlled through the top layer at the top of the layer properties. The example below shows the portrait with the “Overlay” layer mode at an opacity value of 75.

Other aircraft modes also bring very interesting results. For example, the mode “Multiply negative” with an opacity of 80. The portrait goes in the direction of high key.

As with the other fuzzy options, it’s worth experimenting with this one.

Blur for motion simulation

The original image of the motorcyclist is unaffected.

The simulation of motion blur is particularly great for vehicles such as cars, motorcycles or boats, airplanes or even athletes and more. Motion blur also poses no challenge to anyone. The quantity slider is clear. The Angle slider that was grayed out in Gaussian Blur is now usable with the Motion option. By default, it is set to 0 in the middle, which corresponds to a straight, horizontal orientation of the movement. The angle can be changed accordingly in both directions.

A duplicate layer and layer mode could also be used for movement, but this does not always work well. In the above example, the motorcyclist motif is first masked or the background is masked with AI mask. If the button for the movement is activated, the amount slider is then set to 50 and the angle slider to 10.

In this way, the motorcyclist looks more dynamic because they suggest high speed.

Blur for impressive action shots

The “Twisted” option, which will certainly be renamed with the official release of Luminar Neo 2.0 on August 31, 2023, is very interesting. What it means is “twist”. Here, too, a blur of motion comes into play, which does not go straight in a direction with a fixed angle, but spreads out from a center, like the rays of the sun. If the angle changes here, the movements are not straight, but bent or curved. This is ideal for dynamic action shots, for example of a skater, skier, high diver, etc., and it works very well if the actor is masked to a certain extent and can still be seen clearly, which is no problem with Luminar Neo and is done very quickly.

The »Place Blur Center« button, which will certainly have a different name in the final version, is really ingenious. What is meant here is the placement of the center for the blur. If the button is activated, a round marker appears in the image, as is the case with the “Studio Light” function for flash effects, which is new with Luminar Neo 2.0. Moving the marker intuitively moves the center where the blur starts. Here’s the example again a motorcyclist. The amount in this case is 36 and the angle is -25, although the image would look very nice without the angle. The mobile marker can also be seen in the middle area of ​​the motorcycle.

For example, the fast ride from back to front can be simulated. Incidentally, the masking does not have to be exact for soft focus. Of course, he does not always have cars. This example with fire is also possible with a twisted blur.

Final note on the Blur tool in Luminar Neo

Finally, it can be said that the “Blur” tool greatly enriches Luminar Neo’s smart photo software and is a lot of fun. It is a very useful tool and certainly often used, which offers a high degree of flexibility with its three modes and can not be used only for creative purposes. Really great eye-catching and interesting photos can be created without requiring specialist knowledge and having to complete a complicated workflow.

The fear that Skylum could run out of ideas for new updates or improvements over time and that, like many other software developers, only unnecessary bells and whistles will be integrated, fortunately seems to be unfounded if you look at the innovations from Luminar Neo 2.0 among other things with generative functions as well as this test on the »Blur« tool. It can go on like this.

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