‘Lumpini’ revives Muay Thai, starting the battle of ‘Chef Buntham’, Kue Ek postpones curfew

‘Lumpini’ revives Muay Thai, starting the battle of ‘Chef Buntham’, Kue Ek postpones curfew

Lumpinee Standard Boxing Stadium Under the management of “Big Daeng” Lt. Gen. Suchart Dangpraphai, the official start of the competition according to the government’s strict surveillance measures With a closed system arrangement, at the 5th floor parking lot stage, no more than 20 people involved in the event are allowed, with live broadcasts via online live systems. On Wednesday, September 15, 2021 ago

The first Muay Thai match was the start of “Sue Chef Buntham”, which marks the anniversary of his 50th birthday, Mr. Boontham Pakpho, promoter as well. in which the competition The first match starts at 17.00 as follows: Samingdaeng Wor. Chakrawut lost by points Bin Liamthanawat (Bronze glass), small diamond ring Sit Pin Siam won a point, Sua Siam Kaewsamrit, South Isan Ekvoraraksa won a point, Petchthong Nakwit Thungsong (Honorable)

The competition continued until the 4th match, Ploywittaya Nakwit Thungsong. (Phet forty thousand) won points Petch Phangan, Rattana Bundit University (Tide 99), then need to end the event. due to insufficient time limit Stick to curfew according to the rules of Prof.

Muay Match No. 5, Nueng Ubon Sitchefbuntham will meet Lightningnoi Kiatkriengkrai. Which is the second pair and the 6th pair, Sao Ek Sitchef Buntham and Petchpailin, Sor. Tong Prachin which is the main partner Therefore, it is necessary to carry the balance to the competition next week, Wednesday, September 22 and arrange to increase the boxing pairs to 8 pairs and move the competition time faster from 16.00 onwards.

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Lt. Gen. Suchart Dangpraphai, the master of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, revealed that everything we try to prepare very well. but admits that there are still many flaws especially the transmission system that is not stable in the internet Must be modified to be more complete. and apologize to the fans live broadcast followers as well as those involved in this opportunity as well

“However, in the overall picture It is a pleasure At the Lumpini Stage, the competition will be held again after a long hiatus. This is to give the boxing people an opportunity to come back and live their way of life again. Even if you have to face problems along with living during the coronavirus crisis which is a good start And thanks to the government in various parts as well as those involved in making This competition can happen.” Mr. Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

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