Lung Disease: Lung Disease: Depression can interfere with therapy for COPD

The chronic depressive lung disease COPD is often accompanied by depression. These can affect the use of COPD medication. Doctors advise prevention.

Depression can interfere with therapy for the lung disease COPD. The chairman of the Federal Association of Pulmonologists (BdP), Andreas Hellmann, says: “Depression is a risk factor that endangers the reliable use of anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator drugs for COPD.” COPD is often associated with depression.

COPD needs to be treated consistently

But it is important to treat COPD consistently. In this way, the course of the disease should be slowed down, says Hellmann.

To prevent depression from having a negative impact on COPD medication, COPD patients should take preventive measures. Exercise and conversation shouldn’t cause depression in the first place. Rehabilitation programs, lung sports, self-help groups and discussions with Experts |. “Those affected should actively seek support and not be afraid to speak to their doctor openly if they notice that depressive thoughts, worries and fears are rampant,” emphasizes Hellmann.

Fit for breathing: Exercise in the lungs can contribute to asthma and COPD patients becoming less short of breath. And it can prevent depression.

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In COPD, the lungs are chronically ill

COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. That means: The lungs are chronically ill because the airways are inflamed and permanently narrowed (= obstructive) and the lungs age faster. The disease describes chronic obstructive bronchitis (COB) with or without emphysema. COPD often hits smokers and is often heralded by a smoker’s cough. (dpa)

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