November 23, 2019

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Luxury poster at the Tactica and Sports Sports Seminar

The sixth edition of the International Seminar on Tactics and Sports Techniques, organized by the Chair of Sport and Physical Education – Center for Olympic Studies of the University of Girona, begins this afternoon with the presentations by Francisco Seirul·lo, director of methodology of FC Barcelona training, and Josep Espar, assistant coach of Wisla Plock (Poland) and teacher of the Tactics course (Team Sports) at the EUSES University School of Girona, two referents of the Catalan sports world. The new trends in the development of sporting talent are the main object of study of the days which will be held today at the Auditorium of the Ateneu de Banyoles and tomorrow throughout the day at Club Natació.

The seminar will feature seven lectures and a round table in which scholarly experts such as Sean Cumming, Julio Calleja, Nuno Leite and Javier Peña will participate; Highly specialized sports coaches and trainers such as Fernando Martínez and Jorge Arede, and elite sportsmen such as Esther Guerrero and Teresa Mas de Xaxars. In this way, Banyoles will become this weekend at the nerve center where graduate, master's and doctorate students from the field of sport will meet, as well as researchers, trainers and education professionals, who They will attend the various scheduled conferences. The ten speakers will speak and discuss the new trends and methodologies related to the evolution of young talents from a theoretical and practical point of view.

Seirullo will open the seminar (18.15) with the paper Conjectures of technical-tactical optimization in the formation of sporting talent, a talk aimed at trainers and researchers from the world of sports, in which various concepts that apply to sports learning will be developed. The talk J will take place at 7:15 p.m. oders talent in high-performance equipment by Josep Espar. On Saturday the action will be transferred from the Ateneu to the CN Banyoles, with a round table entitled The importance of development in young talents with Esther Guerrero and Teresa Mas de Xaxars, among others, as one of the most outstanding acts (4:00 p.m.) although the activities will be started at nine in the morning.

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