M.video Eldorado Starts Trading on Ozon

The group “M.video-Eldorado”, which is part of Safmar by Mikhail Gutseriev, began selling on the Ozon marketplace. Representatives of both companies told Vedomosti about this. Prior to this, M.video-Eldorado sold only through its own offline and online stores of the same name, as well as on the Goods.ru group marketplace.

M.video-Eldorado Group is the largest seller of electronics and household appliances in Russia with revenue of 365 billion rubles. for 2019, Ozon was the third-largest Russian online store after Wildberries and Citylink, according to Data Insight for 2019, Ozon’s turnover for that year was 80.7 billion rubles.

M.video has long been an opponent of working on marketplaces. In 2014, the president and chairman of the retailer’s board, Alexander Tynkovan, stated that in the vast majority of cases, “gray”, counterfeit goods were presented on online trading floors. In 2015, a retailer’s representative said that “the marketplace model erodes the company’s original brand and does not allow focusing on one expertise, especially if before that the company was developing as a single brand” (quote from roem.ru). But in 2016, the group announced its project in this area, Goods.ru.


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