Macaco: "I'm not Jesus Christ, I do not turn the other cheek"

Ambassador of the good vibes, Daniel Carbonell (Barcelona, ​​1972), the man who hides behind Macaco, remembers that in his music three aspects coexist: the "hooligan", the "luminous" and the "poetic". All three stand out in their new album, 'Civilizado como los animales' (Sony), in which they have recruited, among others, artists of the stature of Joan Manuel Serrat, Jorge Drexler or El Niño de Elche. "I admire the three of them and the three of them were delighted to collaborate with me," says Macaco.

«The stars say that we we are the fleeting», Sings in one of the brightest verses of the song 'Blue'. "Our ego helps us to push ourselves, but also to devour others and that's where the problems begin," says the composer, founder of Ojos de Brujo and later, successful solo artist.

"I do not endorse violence, but I am not Jesus Christ either. If I get on one cheek, I do not put the other, "adds Macaco, who believes that in his music positive songs alternate with other" bittersweet "that seek to change the world. «I deny those who say that things can not be changed. On the contrary, people are not aware of all the things that could be changed with the music»He argues.

Without artistic prejudices, Macaco plays all the clubs, although he shows reluctance towards reggaeton. "But not because of his music, which comes from rap and that I've used a lot, but because of the narrative. Most of the lyrics say the same and some are for vomiting, of a very low level », highlights this master of miscegenation, who feels privileged to be able to play in Spain and around the world and that vindicates the legacy of Bob Marley. "But I do not want to look like anyone, I just want to look like me," she says. «Some people tell me: 'Never change'. Well no, I think I have to change, "he concludes.

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