MacBook Air M1: a third model in preparation

Apple is reportedly preparing an even more affordable version of its entry-level laptop with an M1 chip.

Good news for small budgets, Apple is preparing to release a more affordable version of the MacBook Air equipped with an M1 chip. If the Cupertino company has not yet officially announced it, its website has already sold the wick. The space dedicated to students on the American online Apple Store has indeed listed a 128 GB model of the MacBook Air M1, a version that Apple had not yet announced.

During the presentation of his new in-house processor, l’Apple Silicon M1, the Cupertino company has indeed unveiled the three computer models which will be the first to benefit from it; the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini. Two versions of the head laptop were then announced; one with 256 GB of storage displayed at € 1,129 and another with 512 GB of storage at € 1,399.

However, in addition to the website that sold the wick, a document listing all Mac products available for purchase also contains a reference for the MacBook Air M1 with 128 GB of storage. It is priced at $ 799 on the US Apple Store, which is more affordable than the model with 256 GB of storage available at $ 999 and $ 899 for students.

It remains to be seen when Apple will actually offer this model for sale and if the Apple company plans to market it in other countries around the world. One can easily imagine that this one will be offered at a price lower than 1,129 € which will make it much more interesting for small budgets, but also for students.

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