MacBook Air M1 with 128 GB is available for purchase

The MacBook Air with M1 chip is entitled to a model with 128 GB of storage space. Until now, the base model had 256 GB. Otherwise, you can have 512 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB.

Apple hasn’t announced a 128GB MacBook Air M1, but its online store has. The Apple Online Store dedicated to students shows a model with this storage space. This does not seem to be an error, since the capacity of 128 GB is indicated in the title and in the description. The price is $ 799 in the United States.

Furthermore, a document on the Apple website lists all the Macs available for purchase and a MacBook Air M1 with 128 GB is present.

The MacBook Air is available for $ 999 in the United States. It’s $ 899 on the Apple Education Store. This is the case for the model with 256 GB of storage. The 128 GB model is priced at $ 799. This lower price could appeal to students looking for a new computer.

Obviously, you are probably wondering if this MacBook Air M1 with this storage space will be available to the general public. Apple isn’t saying anything about it yet. In France, the laptop with 256 GB is at 1,129 euros.

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