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Machine Gun Kelly: – Surprise with nude pictures

Star Couple Megan Fox (36) and Machine Gun Kelly (32) they are no strangers to creating titles by sharing details from their relationships. Most recently earlier this week when the letter referred to Fox as “his wife” during the Billboard Music Awards. The couple is engaged, but it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Also during the MTV Video Music Awards last year, the couple stole the spotlight on the red carpet, then Fox appeared in a “naked dress”.

This time, however, it is Online Game Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, who surprise not to appear naked. He reported People.

LIFT ON: Megan Fox left little to the imagination at yesterday’s Music Video Awards ceremony. Video: Tonight’s Entertainment. Reporter: Jonas Andersen
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This happened in connection with the filming of his new film “Good Mourning”, in which both Fox and his friend Pete Davidson (28) participated. The 32-year-old shared photos behind the scenes, and in the first of a series. in her picture she stands up and down and smiles at the camera – completely naked.

The only thing he has to cover for his noblest part is a towel, otherwise he doesn’t put a thread.

Usually Baker’s upper body is full of tattoos, but in the picture it looks like they are covered in makeup.

“I took five situps (and 200 cigars) to prepare for my role in‘ Good Sorrow ’,” he joked in the headline below the post.

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