Machn: There is enough time to reverse this situation


Coach Pablo Machín said this morning in his presentation as a new technician of Espanyol until 2021, at RCDE Stadium, that "there is enough time to reverse this situation," although he recalled that he came out with a " handicap "for the penultimate position occupied by the team.

The new head of the bench looks for a "balanced" block and knows "dominate all the facets of the game". In addition, Machín commented that he can adapt his usual system (3-5-2) to the players he has. "The closer to the opposite area we are better because the occasions, in one way or another, will come," he said.

Machín has been convinced that the results will soon be seen at work and attitude level. "Time will not be an excuse, we have enough days," he insisted. "If we are very negative, we will have difficulty lifting the moral, but I try to take the positive side of things," he postulated.

Making a diagnosis of the team is one of the priorities of the new coach of Espanyol. "If the blog is in this situation it is because there are things that have been done wrong, but some will have done well. We have to detect them. Once the results arrive, the spirit of the whole world will go up, "he reflected.

Asked about the team's priorities, the coach pointed out that the main thing is to "know" all the players. "They have quality, they have shown it before. The coach's task is to make the most of the benefits we have. I do not have a magic wand, the players are the players," he said.

Machín already has experience in Sevilla to manage a template for three tournaments, which will serve Espanyol: "Now I have to update the players as I see and from there make decisions. The competitions They are very long and I hope that the downloads will be as little as possible. "

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