October 14, 2019

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Mack Truck workers destroy for the first time in many years

There were thousands of workers Mack Truck on Sunday strike in plants in three states, the first such trip for many years.

Members of the United automotive union, many of whom wear red T-shirts and transport signs, picked up a morning at Mack Truck cabin and at a vehicle assembly center in Macungie, Pennsylvania, where the company says “all Mack trucks get built for North American market to start. ”

The workers also walked from plants in Baltimore; Hagerstown; Said Middletown, Pennsylvania, and Jacksonville, Florida, the union. Overall, the company said that the strike is about 3,500 employees.

“One of the biggest issues for us is the security of the job,” said Walter Smith, president of the local people representing Pennsylvania workers, with WCAU-TV. “I'm here for 42 years at Mack Trucks, I love working at Mack Trucks. But we have our job security. ”

The union said that there are many unresolved issues, including pay, job security and pension and health benefits. Union officials say they will be available to re-negotiate October 21, nine days after the start of the pick-up.

President Mack Trucks, Martin Weissburg, said “it is a surprise and disappointment” that the union decided to walk away “rather than let our employees keep trucks and lifting machines and the parties continue to negotiate.” T

Weissburg said in a statement that both sides were making progress and that they had a “positive working relationship.” He said the company did not intend to close any manufacturing facilities in the United States and vice versa. have invested hundreds of millions of dollars over the last decade.

Officials remain confident that they can reach an agreement that “it provides our employees and families with a competitive pay package and benefits, and helps to ensure the company's competitiveness,” he said.

In 1984, approximately 9,200 Truck workers went on strike for nine days, closing the manufacturer's US plants before a temporary agreement was reached, The Morning (Call).

The action comes among the United Motor Car strike week against General Motors who shut down GM factories in the United States. Factories in Canada and Mexico were forced later because of a lack of parts. Both sides are pushing for wages, job security, investments in U plants and technology training for workers.

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