Macron says he has "brought answers" to "yellow vests"


Six months after the beginning of the movement, the head of state said he did his "share of work" to respond to social protest.

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On the eve of 27e Saturday of mobilization of "yellow vests", and in a context of weakening of the movement, the president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, judged, Friday May 17, that he had made his "Work share" to respond to this unprecedented social protest that has lasted for six months.

The Head of State, who was traveling to Biarritz, felt he had "Brought answers to French people about what led to this movement", referring to the measures announced in the context of the great debate, those of 10 December and at the press conference of 25 April. " I believe that [for] those who continue today [to manifest], there is no longer a political outlet ┬╗, he added.

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"Democracy does not play on Saturday afternoon"

At one week of the European elections, the President also called " quiet " those who continue to demonstrate, inviting them to vote or even run for office. "It's much more difficult to propose a project" for "than to be against everything else. We do not advance by being against ", Mr. Macron continued.

"Those who have a different vision of what the country should become, draw it politically, shape it and stand for election. But democracy is not played on Saturday afternoon ", he insisted, calling everyone to "To find the course of one's life, to express one's differences of opinion, to do it freely and to do it in particular in the times provided for by democracy, those of the vote".

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After two Saturdays marked by a decline in mobilization, the hard core of "yellow vests" intends to demonstrate Saturday in France for an act XXVII. of the "National calls" were launched to gather in Reims and Nancy.

National calls

In Paris, several competing rallies are planned, including one from the Defense to finish in Montmartre. Another plans to march on the Champs-Elysees, but the avenue has been banned for several weeks. Other rallies are planned, for example in Besan├žon or Saint-Nazaire, where the prefecture has issued a decree prohibiting the undeclared demonstration of "yellow vests" in the city center.

If the 1st May has largely gathered unions and "yellow vests", Act XXVI, Saturday, May 11, had gathered 18 600 demonstrators in France, according to the official count contested by the "yellow vests", which counted 37 500.

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