Macron’s “right to make mistakes” for your 2017 return?

During his campaign, Emmanuel Macron displayed his desire to facilitate the administrative procedures of the French. The new President of the Republic wishes to introduce a “right to error” for administrative formalities, as soon as possible.

Emmanuel Macron’s reform plan, which went almost unnoticed during the presidential campaign, could quickly upset the French administration. Announced in the candidate’s program for En Marche!, The “right to make mistakes” is a legal principle aimed at simplifying administrative procedures for French people with the administration. The measure would consist in not sanctioning errors and forgetting in good faith, in the event of the first failure noted by the tax authorities, URSSAF, etc. Errors relating to the criminal law or the safety of others would however be excluded from the reform.
In his program, Emmanuel Macron foreshadowed that “the heart of the battle does not [serait] plus the sanction but the advice and support “. A measure specifically intended for employers, entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and farmers … But not only. Taking regularly the same examples, the candidate Emmanuel Macron had implied that the right to the error would also apply to the procedures of individuals. In his project, was described the case of a couple of grandparents who forgot to declare the accommodation of their granddaughter, who had found a job near home In this situation, the couple was exposed to a loss of compensation, or even to penalties. “They can tomorrow assert their right to make mistakes and no longer pay penalties” indicated the program of the new president of the Republic.

When is “tomorrow”? No response yet. But in the same way as for his reform of the Labor Code, Emmanuel Macron could proceed by ordinance, in order to accelerate the implementation of such a measure. What about your income tax, therefore ? Don’t count on it too much for this 2017 tax campaign. Already because no mention of a new right to error for the declaration of income or assets (in the case of ISF statement) has been made, whether by the President or a member of his bodyguard. Second, because even if adopted by ordinance, such a device could not come into force before the reporting deadlines. You are therefore advised, once again this year, to avoid any error on your tax return.

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