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Madness: Dear Father, the review

The review of Follia: Dear Father an Italian horror film that takes us into the maze of a university where something terrible has happened.

As we will see in the course of the review, Madness: Dear Father it’s a classic survival horror which takes up the Amnesia model and carries it out in a more contemporary key, at least on a thematic level. Developed by two people, it tells the story of Marcus Pitt, a boy who, despite himself, finds himself entangled in a bigger story than he is. When he went to the university where his parents teach in the middle of the night, he soon discovered that something terrible had happened and that the corridors were beaten by bloodthirsty creatures who couldn’t wait to tear him to pieces.

What created them? Why is the university in such a state of neglect? Where did your relatives go? To answer these and other questions he will have to get to the bottom of the four hours that the adventure lasts, obviously trying to survive.


Many independent authors they have a real passion for the horror genre, to which they often choose to dedicate their videogame debuts. The reasons for such a choice can be manifold and of course depend on the sensibility of individuals who deal with creative choices, but in general we can affirm with a certain certainty that in everyone there is some desire for revelation and to express oneself in continuity with one’s reference imaginary. Video game horror is first of all to glance into the unknown, awareness of one’s weakness in the face of an overwhelming evil against which the individual cannot do anything.

It is also a form of psychoanalysis, a way to see your innermost impulses and fears staged in a plastic and interactive environment.

Madness: Dear Father follows almost literally what we can consider a now classic videogame horror model: played in the first person, it sees the protagonist, defenseless against his opponents, stealthily moving through rooms and corridors of an overall sick and hostile environment. The only weapons available to him are one electric torch and a lighter, with the first that consumes unsustainable batteries and the second that illuminates only a small portion of the surrounding environment. In reality, like a new Gordon Freeman, Marcus also has a crowbar, which he cannot use to offend, but only to defend himself.

Madness Dear Father 05

As you can imagine, the gameplay it is overall very slow, with the player forced to crawl from one side of the game to the other, paying attention to every little noise, while enjoying the gore details scattered almost everywhere.

Game structure

The university is populated by several creatures, although their behavior is very similar to each other. Normally they appear actively looking for Marcus and when they find out, the only way to save themselves is to run away until they give up. The settings they are very dark, so the escape is often complicated by the lack of precise reference points. Running away with the lighter on is not actually possible, because in the race the flame goes out, while the flashlight is often low, so you can’t always rely on it (there are batteries around, but not many). After all, dying is part of the game, in the sense that if in a horror the player does not perceive the task of danger, the tension tends to relax and a good part of the atmosphere goes to be blessed.

Madness Dear Father 03

The only real complaint that we can move to Madness: Dear Father from this point of view is the slightly excessive use of jumps on the chair, which in the long run tire more than scare.

On a structural level, the adventure follows a fairly precise pattern, made up of exploratory moments, in which you usually have to solve some simple puzzles, and encounters with monsters, in which you try to survive by avoiding being seen. From the narrative point of view the story of the game is told through the classics documents that are scattered around the gaming environments. In reality they do not say much, leaving the explanation of what happened at the end, which if we want is a logical choice, since to finish Madness: Dear Father does not take much and giving too many details in advance would have reduced the scope of the already slender plot.

Graphics and problems

From the point of view technical Madness: Dear Father is a swinging title. Some things are very good, such as lighting some rooms and building some of the places that can be visited, while others are less convincing, like some creatures.

Madness Dear Father 02

Some graphic glitches are not missing and the university does not seem like a university, but in the long run there is little attention. After all, we are talking about a production run by only two developers whose development budget must not have been Pharaonic, so we could not have expected much more and what they managed to do is certainly worthy of praise. Unfortunately, some problems must also be reported, such as some return to the desktop too many and the inability to remap the buttons on the controllers. We have played with our mouse and keyboard and we have not had any problems from this point of view, but we know that some of you prefer to play using one of those satanic gadgets from the console world (joking), so it is right to warn you. Hopefully everything will be fixed with future updates.

€ 19.99

Madness: Dear Father is a very classic horror game that focuses on the atmosphere to engage the player. It is certainly not without flaws, but at the same time it is a commendable production and with several interesting ideas, although not really original. We definitely recommend it to fans of the genre, who will find everything they love in it.


  • Well built atmosphere
  • Intriguing gameplay
  • Technically it has high …


  • A few bugs and glitches too
  • Too many jumps from the chair
  • … and bass

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