Madrid bets all on antigen testing

Antigenic test carried out in the Vallecas district of Madrid on October 8.

The region of Madrid, with its 6.5 million inhabitants, does not do things like the others. In a country where each of the seventeen “autonomous communities” has ample prerogatives? including health ?, it is tracing its path on the anti-Covid front, to the chagrin of the socialist central government. In the capital, the executive, led by the liberal Isabel Díaz-Ayuso, refuses to slow down business and to sacrifice the hotel, restaurant or cultural activity. “We will not let ourselves be led to ruin,” she repeated. We can perfectly fight against the pandemic without letting our economic life die. “Among other symbolic measures: the forthcoming reopening of” Rastro “, the famous” flea market “in Madrid.

In Madrid, the authorities believe they have found the magic potion: antigenic tests, rather than PCR, favored in the rest of the country and by the national Ministry of Health. This type of test is carried out like nasal PCRs and has significant comparative advantages: it is cheap (4.50 euros, compared to 18 euros for PCRs), gives a rapid result (approximately 15 minutes, instead of at least 24 hours) and allows for earlier detection. Since the end of September, the Madrid authorities have tested 1.4 million inhabitants of 29 municipalities in the region for free.

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