Madrid would only go for Neymar if the agreement includes Mbappé


Real Madrid has planned its future in the short and medium term with the players who must form their spine and has taken the bull by the horns. The great goal of the Madrid club is not Neymar, it is called Kylian Mbappé. Nasser al-Khelaifi, president of Paris Saint Germain, knows it very well, by word, first hand, first voice. In the same vein, Al-Khelaifi can ensure that he has not addressed Florentino Pérez to offer him the transfer of the Brazilian striker. And Al-Khelaifi knows that Florentino Pérez has not requested the transfer of the South American player. Putting things in place, Real Madrid maintains a very clear position in this placement of Neymar in the market. I would only negotiate for him on a very difficult hypothesis: the inclusion, in the agreement, of the transfer of Mbappé within a year.

An expensive assignment: only the Brazilian annual gross salary costs 51 million in the Community of Madrid. The transfer of Cavani would be worth the same

Right now, Neymar's option at Real Madrid is complicated. Regardless of the transfer price, currently assessed by the PSG at 180 million, its net salary is 36 million euros, which in the tax quotation of the Community of Madrid, 43 percent, would mean for a company the payment of 51 million annually. A five-year contract would amount to 255 million salary in five years. That cost would make the entity's superior objective economically difficult: Kylian Mbappé.

Mbappé would be record number
Real Madrid knows that Paris Saint Germain will not sell to the Frenchman for less than 230 million, as he paid 222 for Neymar. Al Khelaifi wants to set a new record. The Madrid entity is willing to attack that front today if the PSG wants to open the negotiation, and will address it safely next year, but cannot pay both operations at the same time. There are 410 million in transfers, plus two salaries that would also be plusmarks. Mathematically it is almost impossible.

Mbappé, the dream. Real Madrid would be willing to agree and transfer, around 230 million euros

The possibility of an assignment of Neymar remains. Real Madrid would cost 51 million annual salary. If the PSG added a price for the loan, it would be about 20 million more, which would amount to 70 for a season. Too much money. Even if he only asked to pay his salary, 51 million, it would also be a lot. A transfer of a scorer like Cavani would cost that amount. For the white club there is only one frank possibility of understanding: I would accept that hypothetical assignment of Neymar in a pact that added the extraordinary agreement of the transfer of Mbappé, which would be effective on July 1, 2020.

The French is worth 230 million. It is the minimum transfer price that Mbappé will cost, as Al-Khelaifi wants to exceed the record of 222 million paid by Neymar. He is free in 2022. He refuses to renew with the PSG. He wants to come to Real Madrid. Its price will be very high until 2020. In 2021 it will already descend

The accuracy of the date is essential. Mbappé has a contract with the PSG until 2022 and has decided not to renew for the Parisian team, although it receives constant pressures and offers to do so. Al-Khelaifi assumes that his flagship wishes to come to Real Madrid and the player has made it clear. In this position, its price will remain very high until next year. But in July 2021, at a time of his freedom, six months of being able to officially negotiate with anyone, the transfer value will be much lower.

The Brazilian is worth 180 million. It is the price that the PSG has exposed, but nobody pays them. Today I would accept a transfer for 100 million, but there is no buyer. He also has a contract until 2022, but the PSG does not renew him and wishes to part with a very expensive salary

The Madrid entity is willing to pay a very important figure for the French within a year. I would even like to sign it right now, with a season of anticipation. If this objective is delayed two years, the price will be much lower. There will no longer be a record transfer figure. Paris Saint Germain knows it. The logical thing would be to negotiate for Mbappé with a view to next year. And if you want Neymar to go to Real Madrid, that's the best option.

Everything is a market hypothesis. The white house has not dialogued with the PSG and both entities underline it separately. But this balance sheet shows that to reach that agreement, which seems very complicated, it should be attacked now. If not, Barcelona is the other possibility.

There is no easy buyer
The truth is that Paris Saint Germain has encountered a big problem: Neymar's desire to leave. The inclusion of the name of Real Madrid in this crisis confirms it. International intermediaries work to specify the destination. The only truth is that a figure that cost 222 million two years ago today has no buyer. The salary is extravagant. The same goes for Coutinho, which twenty months ago was worth 120 million plus 40 in bonus.

Neymar has depreciated in the world market and in its football valuation. He feels he must play in a big game to regain his prestige. The analysis of his career has changed radically. It is not the clubs that require it, it is Neymar who needs them. Other people's to the great prizes of the Ballon d'Or and The Best, wishes to recover the lost time. Agents knock behind the doors of Barcelona and Real Madrid. There are twenty days left of phones and slamming doors. .


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