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According to the President of Venezuela, a group of militants trying to land off the coast of the country planned to kill him. These are trained mercenaries, their training was funded by the United States and Colombia. Attempted Maritime Invasion May 3

Nicholas Maduro

(Photo: Matias Delacroix / Getty Images)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the militants from Colombia planned to land in the sea zone in the north of the country to kill him, reports El Universal.

Maduro said a group of mercenaries attempted a naval invasion. He added that they studied in Colombia, as evidenced by evidence, including video. The militants were funded, according to Maduro, by the Colombian authorities with the support of the US government.

The mercenaries, according to Maduro, were about to kill him, which was the main goal of their operation. “A terrorist act in the midst of a pandemic … a terrorist attack against the tranquility and peace of Venezuela,” Maduro described the attempt to land militants in the country’s marine zone. The president added that more details about the preparation of the attack and evidence will be presented on May 5.

Venezuelan Interior Ministry Reported Colombian Militant Invasion Prevention


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