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Magdalena Stępień gave the good news about her son’s health. “It’s a miracle”

At the end of this year Magdalena Stępień put a very sad piece of information in the media. It turned out that Oliwier, his son, had been living with Jakub Rzeźniczak for several months. a very rare tumor of the liver. The diagnosis was made during routine examinations and appropriate treatment can be quickly established. However, the situation became more complicated, as he was hospitalized with a terrible amount of hospitalization. However, thanks to the fundraiser, the necessary amounts were quickly collected for the boy’s treatment in Israel. Magdalena Stępień from time to time informed the fans about the health of her son, who bravely fought a liver tumor. Yesterday good news appeared on the model instastors.

Magdalena Stępień has severely restricted her use of social media since visiting Israel, but she feels compelled to inform observers of her child’s treatment from time to time. It was no different this time. The model shared the results of the search, which he expected, because they depended on Oliver’s prognosis. It turned out that the boy was ruled out of the lethal gene.

Oh dear, the message I will share with you is one of the most important information I have ever received.

– The celebrity began to enter it.

Magdalena Stępień wrote that during the search in Poland, SMARTCB1 genes were detected in a liver tumor in her son. As he admits, he made every effort to confirm this diagnosis, so he decided to go to Israel.

As you know, in my son Olivier, SMARTCB1 genes were detected in MRT tumors in Poland. This diagnosis had to be confirmed and was my priority. I had to do absolutely everything in my power to confirm the diagnosis and get rid of any doubts, so I decided to repeat the tests in Israel.

– added the template.

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Later in the post, Magdalena Stępień was informed that research conducted in Israel had ruled out the presence of a lethal gene in her son.

The mother’s intuition never fails, so in such difficult cases it is worth flying to another country to confirm the diagnosis. In our case, it is a great miracle. I am grateful to God for his guidance and for my mother’s intuition that I was right.

– he wrote on Instastories.

The model has been thanked for the support so far and at the same time appealed to share the second collection on Oliwier. Doctors in Israel valued the boy’s surgery and cancer treatment at more than $ 100,000. “This is an amount that I can’t get, even by borrowing, that I’ve already done and still do …”

Magdalena Stępień gave the observers positive newsMagdalena Stępień gave observers positive news – Instagram / magdalena ___ stepien

Remember that a few days ago Jakub Rzezniczak, posted a statement on his Instagram in which he confessed that he was against the treatment of Oliver in Israel. As he admits, he consulted his case with the best specialists in Poland, who agreed that the methods used in Warsaw did not differ from those in Israel. At the same time, Oliir’s father called for his and his son’s privacy to be respected, and to stop copying in the media “certain weeks of Oliir’s mother’s expression of strong emotion”.

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