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Magic: Legends: Update brings pyromancer class and new story act

Perfect World has given Magic: Legends a fresh update and has given the title a new class with the pyromancer.

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have released the latest update for Magic: Legends. This brings with it a new class of Planeswalkers, especially with the pyromancer. The fire wielding character is now available in the online action RPG and can be claimed by players free of charge until May 24th.

After this time, the ranged combat class will be added to the early stages of the current free Battle Pass and each subsequent Battle Pass, so it can also be unlocked in this way.

The update does not focus exclusively on the class, but also brings with it a new story act that continues the journey through the multiverse. In addition, a performance upgrade and a number of new comfort functions are on board, which should improve the general gaming experience.

The available content from the free new update according to official information at a glance:

  • Story Act IV: Chasing Answers – The ancient and forgotten force that quietly moves in the dark becomes active and the mysterious Planeswalker who has chased players across different worlds has been tracked down on Benalia. Ral Zarek needs help asking them and getting answers.
  • New class: pyromancer – Thanks to the unbridled fury of red mana, the pyromancer is a ranged class that deals damage from a distance and engulfs the battlefield in flames.
  • Performance upgrade – The development team has optimized various software components to increase the frame rate and improve compatibility for multiple PC equipment.
  • New function – Today’s update adds several convenience features, such as a random waiting list system for easier group play, further adjustments to the initial game experience for a faster entry into the deck building of Magic: Legends and various improvements for chat and friends.
Magic: Legends – Pyromagier Overview Trailer

A new update now brings the pyromancer to Magic: Legends.

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