Maida Heatter, Cookbook Writer and the Ca Queen of Cake, 'Dies at 102


Maida Heatter, whose cookbooks with recipes for starring in the Miami Beach. She was 102.

Challenge sister-in-hand, Constance Heatter, who has been caring for her in recent years, confirmed the death.

Ms. Heatter (pronounced HEAT-er) early career career and designer designer before she opened and cafe, the Inside, in Miami Beach in the 1960s. She drew the attention of Craig Claiborne, a food editor for The New York Times.

"She is hands down the foremost food authority in Florida," Claiborne wrote in 1968 article. The Times began featuring her recipes.

In 1974 she published “Maida Heatter's Book of Great Desserts,” the first of a string of titles that has been included.

If her recipes were sinfully rich and calorie-filled, she was an unapologetic servant. Even the health benefits in desserts.

When he heard the interviewee, he wrote in the book Maida Heatter'ss (1997). “It can kill you. It can cause a heart attack or a stroke. The doctor will list the ways of coping with stress. Exercise. Diet. Yoga. Take a walk. Led Bake cookies ’”

“Baking cookies and the great escape,” she added. “It's fun. It´s happiness. Itʼs creative. It 's good for your health. It reduces stress. ” T


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