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Mail book, fine 500 euros for those who do not perform this operation at the counter

Do you own one or more mail books? If yes, then you must pay particular attention: if you do not go to the counter to do so you risk a very high fine of 500 euros. Here’s what you need to do to avoid a dizzying penalty.

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Be an owner mail book it is very common today. This type against saving it is among the most used by Italians. But did you know that there is a specific operation to be done in there door to avoid getting one large fine of 500 euros? We explain what you need to do.

Postcards: pay attention to the different types

Postcards, also known as savings book, they are a sort of life-saving emergency, a little piggy bank on which to put your own savings and interest. There are many types. There for the example ordinary mail books which is among the oldest, from Cassa Depositi e Prestiti SpA and guaranteed by the State, which allows make deposits and withdrawals using book paper.

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Or there Smart mail books and Iban code through which you can also get credit the pension. In short, a technological and innovative solution, easy to understand even for those who are a little older in age.

About mail bookdid you know if you owned it you take the risk of being fined 500 euros if you don’t go to the counter to do that? We give you all the details to avoid running into a very high penalty.

What to do in order not to risk fines of 500 euro

If you own one mail book you have to be especially careful: you run the risk of keeping a nice fine 500 euros! Do you know why? The recipient of this legal provision is there people with books to carry. This is a particular type against saving which is only done from those who open it. Who owns a bookkeeper you can withdraw or pay money only by presenting your identification.

Mail book door
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Well, by virtue of the rules against money laundering international, identified by Legislative Decree No. 90 of 2017 and received with a European directivesthey can no longer be considered one legal economy tools. Why did the legislature decide to act in this direction?

The bookkeeper does not allow you to actually verify the owner debt security: thus the possibility of carrying out increases illegal or dangerous operation. To avoid these problems, they were already predicted in the past limits on money to be filed in the booklet in accordance with the rules against money laundering but this solution was not enough reason for which he decided remove forever this savings book and remove it from circulation.

But that’s not all. Who owns a book bearers today risk a fine of 500 euro. How to avoid running into this sanction? You have three alternatives: The first is to go to a post office e convert the carrying book into a nominal book.

The second option is what’s transfer your balance to another deposit account or savings book in your name. The third solution is requires settlement of the amount deposited in the book.

So be careful! You need to check your savings account carefully in which you are in possession and if it is one to carry you must immediately run to cover to avoid fines of 500 euros.

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