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Make a murderer: Three crucial pieces of evidence that Steven Avery's lawyer wants to test now

Kathleen Zellner has not hesitated to talk about the case of Stephen Avery since the second season of Making A Murderer broadcast on Netflix.

The hit series Netflix is ​​back earlier this year and covers Avery's news while Zellner is trying to overturn his conviction.

She took her case after his conviction in 2007.

Since then, Zellner has explained how everything went wrong during Avery's 2007 trial, which was now 56 years old, and who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Teresa. Halbach, without the possibility of parole.

A Wisconsin jury has granted Avery another five years for the illegal possession of a firearm, as shown in Netflix's Making a Murderer case.

Brenda Dassey, Avery's nephew, was also sentenced to life imprisonment, but his closest early release date is 2048.

Zellner said that there was "an ineffective lawyer" in the original trial and that he had a reputation for being a "juvenile delinquent" while his young man had worked against him.

She also said that special prosecutor Ken Kratz had a role to play, claiming to have concealed evidence from the defense.

Ken Kratz

Zellner introduced the suspect of an alternative murder, Bobby Dassey, brother of Brenda, prosecution witness.

She also claimed that someone had removed Avery's blood from her sink and planted it in Teresa Halbach's car – and that person was the murderer.

Now, she says that she thinks Avery is going out.

At the Daily Star, she said, "I am [confident he will be released] because we really did not have the setbacks in this case as in other cases where we finally triumphed. So the name of this post-conviction game is which is the most persistent? "

Zellner highlighted three pieces of evidence that he believes should be tested by his own experts.

If they are tested, she says that they could finally solve the case.

Parking light Rav4 Jeep Halbach

The first is the Ravbach Jeep parking light in Halbach. She said that there were "stains" on what she claims to be "paint or deer's blood" or "something that could tell us more".

But she wants her DNA tested.

Zellner has his own team of experts

Rear cargo door of the vehicle

She said the blood on the back bunker door was not considered sufficient to complete a DNA profile. It was 13 years ago, and now Zellner says it's the blood of a man who directed Avery in the trail. The full profile could not have been developed at the time.

"But we can do it now," she says.

Hair found in the car

The last element concerns the hair found in the vehicle, which has never been tested, as well as the license plates that were removed.

They have male DNA on them, but they have not been fully tested, she added.

Zellner is committed to bringing out Avery and thinks that the three full tests could eventually reopen the case.

Netflix's audience of success, Making a Murderer, have named it as the hero of the second series because of its determination and dynamism.

Zellner acknowledged her commitment to revealing the truth that motivates her, but she praised Avery for his "incredible resilience" that keeps him alive.

Avery had been in prison for 18 years before being "saved" by a single piece of hair.

He was falsely jailed for rape and attempted murder on Penny Beernsten. He was then released 18 years later after the new DNA had exonerated him.

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Make a murder season 2

Both sets of Making A Murderer are available for streaming on Netflix.


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