Make a TV comeback: – Half of Norway wanted to shoot me

It stormed well around the reality participant, artist and deputy mayor Olav Harald Ulstein (57) when he participated in «The Farm» in 2014.

Now he is making a comeback on the TV screen in this year’s season of the side competition “Torpet”. The winner of “Torpet” gets a chance at “Farmen”.

– But I just have to admit that when it got quiet, I missed it. Half of Norway would shoot me at dawn and the other half preferably before. I flirted with it, it was innocent fun, he says See and listen.

In an interview with TV 2 shortly after the end of the season in 2014, Ulstein, who teased an entire nation after sabotaging, tricked away goodies and backbited the other participants – in good reality, said that the attention was stressful:

– I knew it was going to boil well when it came on TV. I tolerate it well and am well prepared. But I see that people around me, who I love, take it harder. It is tiring for them to see that I get thin on social media, he said TV 2 in 2014.

It is not just Ulstein who is making a comeback on the TV screen. The former “Farmen” participants Karianne Amlie Wahlstrøm (29) and Mathias Scott Pascual (28) will also be seen in this year’s season of “Torpet”.


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