Making Sad, Health Workers in Tulungagung Are Lives Due to Covid-19, Total Deaths of 5 People

TRIBUNMADURA.COM, TULUNGAGUNG – It is likely that the Covid-19 outbreak will continue to spread in Indonesia and there is no sign that it will stop.

Now, one health workers in the Regency Tulungagung die because of being exposed corona virus or Covid-19.

Health workers who die because Covid-19 with the initials STR and 43 years old.

Based on the information obtained, the victim was a midwife on duty at Sendang District.

STR is known to have a participatory disease of hypertension and asthma before death.

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With the death of STR, then now the number of victims die because Covid-19 into five people.

According to Deputy Spokesperson for the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling (GTTP) Covid-19 districts Tulungagung, Galih Nusantoro, STR was confirmed on Friday (11/13/2020) last week.

“Two days earlier he complained of fever and dry cough, then the next day he complained of shortness of breath,” explained Galih, Friday (20/11/2020).

When brought to a health facility, STR underwent a swab test.

The result is STR tested positive corona virus and immediately live care of RSUD Dr. Iskak.

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