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Kyle Jamieson

New Zealand wins ICC First Test Championship After years of waiting, they finally won an ICC title. New Zealand beat India by eight wickets in the final in Southampton, England. They won the title they deserved, rising to the occasion when the rain interrupted play. The New Zealand bowlers, who bowled well in the match, were unable to keep pace with the Indian batting line-up.

The New Zealand bowlers performed well in the final. Kyle Jamison, who took seven wickets in the match and contributed 21 runs in the match, was the talk of the town. Jamison was also the star of the final with a great performance. Jamieson brought the Kiwis back into the game with a superb performance as India improved in the first innings. It was his explosive bowling that prevented India from scoring big. In addition, the player had pocketed many cricket records due to his excellent performance in the match. He has taken 46 wickets in eight Tests and a batting average of 42.66. Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has said that Kyle Jamminson will be one of the best all-rounders in the world in the future. Tendulkar praised Jamison on a YouTube channel.

‘Jamison is a great bowler and an all-rounder who can be used well by New Zealand. His growth is to become the best all-rounder in the world. I was amazed by his performance in the Tests last year, ”said Tendulkar. Jamison also performed well in India’s last tour of New Zealand. Jamison’s feature is that he can bowl at the best line and length. In the final of the Test Championship, the Indian batsmen were trapped by Jamison’s unexpected bouncers and tempting balls.

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Tendulkar also revealed what sets Jamies apart from the rest of the New Zealand bowlers. ‘He’s a different bowler from Southee, Bolt and Wagner. Jamison throws balls that are aimed at the batsman while others throw balls that go into the slip. Jamison is a player who is able to make variations on every ball and the inswinger is also flexible. Apart from that, I like his consistency the most, ”said Tendulkar.

Jamison is the star of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. Kohli, who refused to bowl the Dukes ball against Virat Kohli in the nets, has taken two wickets in the final of the Test Championship. It is certain that Jamison will become a key player in the New Zealand midfield in the future.


Kyle Jamieson is on his way to become one of the leading all-rounders in cricket, says Sachin Tendulkar

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