Malaysia Urges ASEAN to Join Australia’s Nuclear Submarine Pact


KUALA LUMPURMalaysia expect a clear consensus by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) on a new Indo-Pacific security partnership between Australia, the United States (US) and the UK.

Minister of Defense (Menhan) Malaysia Hishammuddin Hussein revealed this on Tuesday (12/10/2021).

The alliance, known as AUKUS, was announced last month. With the pact Australia would acquire the technology to deploy nuclear-powered submarines.

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The pact is said to be aimed at responding to China’s growing power, especially in the strategically important South China Sea.

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The AUKUS has made countries in Southeast Asia respond. Indonesia and Malaysia have warned the pact could lead to an arms race among rival nations in the region. The Philippines, a US defense ally, has backed the pact.

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Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein told parliament on Tuesday that a meeting with ASEAN defense ministers scheduled for next month would provide an opportunity for the bloc to agree on a joint response to AUKUS.


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